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Network infrastructure for placemaking

Overcoming weak electricity networks to enable social and economic growth


Wednesday 06 December

Network Infrastructure For Placemaking Webinar

Building a decarbonised future along with economic development and housing growth are increasingly being thwarted by constraints on electricity distribution and transmission networks in a highly complex and seemingly unclear grid connections regime. This is challenging for energy managers seeking sustainable practices, developers planning significant infrastructure projects and placemakers within local and national governments.  We are hosting a series of three webinars to help guide these communities through their grid connection conundrums.

Placemakers’ efforts in local and national governments are increasingly being thwarted by constraints on electricity distribution and transmission networks. Bringing about economic and housing growth in the face of a highly complex, opaque and seemingly obscure grid connections regime can prove challenging and frustrating.

In this third interactive webinar of the series, gain potentially game-changing insight from Debbie Bondi and Ingrid Hooley who, separately, have led significant infrastructure acquisition efforts from within Greater Cambridge Partnership and Central Bedfordshire Council respectively.

Debbie and Ingrid – now of Plethos Consulting and Local Partnerships (Rutland County Council (but soon to be joining the team at Local Partnerships)) and Plethos Consulting respectively – will be joined by Pete Aston and Catherine Cleary, two of Roadnight Taylor’s Connectologists® who acted as guides in them each successfully achieving their Authorities’ network objectives.

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December 6
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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United Kingdom

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