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A net zero power system will be the backbone of the UK economy as major sectors are electrified, including heating, transport and much of industry. However, there are major barriers in the way of this goal.

This Senior Policy Advisor role will lead on developing and delivering E3G’s strategy to shape the transformation of power policy in the UK in line with the transition to net-zero. The candidate will work with expert stakeholders to forge a power decarbonisation plan to be launched in 2024, with consideration for the strategic requirements of the UK’s energy system and housing stock.

The candidate will work with our UK and European Clean Economy team, drawing on expert academic, consumer and industry insight. They will identify priority interventions and reforms, develop a network of alliance partners and engage with officials and politicians to deliver effective power policy.

Working closely with our placed based transition team in the UK, the candidate will ensure power work is fully integrated into our programme to decarbonise buildings, supporting the objectives of electrification and efficient systems. The role will require a deep understanding of power and energy policy and regulation, experience in working with expert power stakeholders and skills in developing political support for transformational policies. This role is offered on a 1-year fixed-term basis with the possibility of further extension.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop E3G thought leadership on better aligning power policy with climate ambition in the UK, including development of a UK power decarbonisation plan.
  • Tracking developments in UK power and energy policy.
  • Lead advocacy on UK power policy, engaging with government officials, politicians and parliamentary committees.
  • Strengthen E3G’s networks on power in the UK, helping to convene key stakeholders and help align them around an ambitious policy platform.
  • Produce internal and external communications materials and undertake short pieces of wider analysis.
  • Collaborate with E3G colleagues working on housing and industrial decarbonisation to support whole-systems thinking.
  • Inspire and facilitate action by the wider Clean Economy team on power policy.
  • Manage grant funding and support fundraising efforts.
  • Travel may be required.

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