Regen is an independent not for profit with a clear goal – accelerating the transition to a decarbonised, decentralised and democratic energy system.  We are a mission led organisation, owned by our members.

We want to ensure our membership is a dynamic force that can spark change at the cutting edge of the energy system.

Regens covers a wide range of issues, but thinking about individual technologies or treating sectors as silos is no longer enough – we must consider the system as a whole.

We have identified four key areas we will be particularly focused on in 2019/20:

  1. Whole system thinking: linking up heat, electricity and transport.
  2. Power sector decarbonisation: working with key players on the innovation required to manage a high renewables system, and promoting a more supportive policy framework.
  3. The built environment: supporting the radical decarbonisation of buildings by running trials, demonstrating business models and developing new supply chains.
  4. Smart and local: building on our community energy support programme to focus on smart and local energy.

Together, we can build a thriving sector and help your business develop. Let Emma Pavans de Ceccatty know which of the areas you’d like to be involved in and she can put you in touch with the policy lead. You’ll find out more about the innovation projects, thought leadership reports and policy work that we are planning.


Regen actively brings together members’ expertise and our knowledge to provide evidence based input to policy and regulation, in support of our mission to transform the energy system.

To give members the opportunity to directly engage in this change, we will:

  1. be in touch before key policy forums and while writing policy papers to get your thoughts and ideas.
  2.  work with you on papers and projects that set the agenda, like our recent paper on ‘Harnessing the EV Revolution’.
  3. run forums on key areas of the market – see our upcoming events here.

Recent papers we have published include:

We have also published our Annual Review for 2017/18, which you can read here:

Annual Review


Finally, you can view the forums Regen sits on below.



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