Frankie Mayo

Frankie Mayo

Senior energy analyst

As Senior Analyst at Regen Frankie has lead Regen’s ‘future energy scenarios’ assessments, assessing the potential development of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and low-carbon heat at a neighbourhood level across Great Britain. Previously Frankie studied in Cornwall and is an MEng Class I graduate in Renewable Energy.

When not in the office they’re usually out and about on the South West coastal path or, equally likely, in a café. Frankie has worked on many of our other projects, such as Regen’s recent work assessing the sources of carbon emissions in South Gloucestershire for the council’s net zero planning, a CO2 emission baseline and gap analysis report for Bristol City Council, and an assessment of the potential for electric vehicle charger deployment at a street-by-street level for North Scotland and Southern England.

Frankie also leads the design work at Regen, producing infographics, report design, illustrations, and communication work for Regen using Adobe suite; such as our engaging and graphical ‘Energy Generation in Wales in 5 minutes’ document, the infographic for Regen’s green tariff blog, and our monthly insight newsletter graphic such as our onshore wind deployment graphic.

Onshore Wind Deployment Graphic Of The Month Jan2020 Regen 03



Blog posts by Frankie

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