WPD Storage Growth Scenarios & Operating Modes – Consultation
Smart energy and storage company directory
This directory covers a range of organisations providing products and services in the smart energy and storage sectors across the UK.
Rough Guide to Engaging Communities in Energy Network Innovation
Regen working with the Energy Networks Association have produced this guide is for communities and distribution network operators.
Guide to connecting electricity storage for communities and independent developers
This guide is aimed at community energy groups and independent developers looking to develop electricity storage projects
Pathway to Parity Series 2016
Energy Storage: Towards a Commercial Model
Distributed generation, demand and storage study – South Wales 2016
Network charging for a flexible future
September 2016
2016 Progress Report
Connecting Community Energy: A guide to getting a network connection
June 2016
Local supply: Options for selling your energy locally (2nd edition)
Distributed generation consortium trial
February 2016

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