In recent months heatwaves, wildfires and droughts have brought home the consequences of climate chaos and the critical importance of turning emission reduction targets into credible action.

In the run up to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, the UK has set ambitious targets to cut emissions. In some areas this has translated into plans and action. In too many areas, however, difficult decisions are being kicked down the road.

Regen’s focus this year has been working with you, our members, on the detailed actions needed to turn ambition into action. We have published a series of ‘a decade to make a difference’ papers on key areas of the energy transition and provided a strong expert voice with government and regulators. Our pioneering projects on ensuring our energy system is ready for net zero and on local energy plans to achieve net zero aim to address barriers and unlock billions of pounds of investment in clean energy. We have been contributing our collective clean energy expertise through secondment into the COP Unit in the Cabinet Office.

REGEN Annual Review 2021 21 Copy Page 08

In the face of the scale of the climate challenge your achievements in transforming the energy sector are a source of hope and inspiration. Our commitment is to work tirelessly with you to drive forward the decarbonisation of the whole energy system and help put us on course to avoid climate chaos.

Download the publication here.

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