Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight whose mission is to transform our energy system for a zero carbon future. 

The Regen Art Lab (RAL) is a new programme for interdisciplinary collaborations to take place between our clean energy experts and UK-based artists from underrepresented backgrounds in the energy sector (ie. BIPOC, ethnic minorities, people from low-income backgrounds, and the LGBTQ+ community), to create innovative visions of our zero carbon future. 

Download the application form below, or get in touch with Emma, RAL producer, for more information.

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The RAL Residency 1 will take place online from October 11th until December 17th 2021.

The first 5 weeks of the residency will be focused on research and exploration, with sessions scheduled with the artist and a technical lead, the wider Regen team, and community energy members, to develop a concept and proposal for the final works.  

Halfway through we will review the proposal for final works. 

The second 5 weeks of the residency will be focused on the production and exhibition of the artworks, with an Artist Talk to showcase the collaborative experience. 

The residency will focus on the issue of decarbonising how we heat our homes and businessesMost buildings across the UK need to be adapted, or retrofitted, to a non-polluting heating technology, as well as better insulated. Yet there is also no centralised or like-for-like solution – mass participation will be necessary for each building, each home to be changed, making this the greatest challenge the UK faces to become a net zero carbon economy.  

Decarbonising heat therefore touches upon deeply personal issues, at the intersection of environmental and social justice. Below are some suggested prompts for applicants to react to: 

  • The smart home:  How much can/should/will we adapt our lifestyles and harvest personal data to support the unsteady supply of renewable energy, and who stands to benefit from it? Is this an opportunity for all families and households to benefit from a more decentralised energy system through lower costs? Or is there a risk that it will only benefit those with time, knowledge, initial capital?
  • Values in our homes: the quality of our homes in the UK and their ability to keep heat in is poor compared to some of our European neighbours. What factors contribute to a sense of home (warm, secure, clean, culture)? How should this be taken into account when we approach retrofitting homes? 
  • Specific approaches: you could approach the residency as an education piece on a specific technology within heat decarbonisation. Upgrading insulation, draft proofing, fitting an air source or a ground source heat pump are some of the lesser-known ways of reducing one’s carbon footprint. 


For more on the theme, here are four of our recent blogs on it: Why decarbonising heat is about peopleCold homes, sore throats, and hospital beds: a case for public spending on retrofitRegen responds to the Green Homes Grant closureEnergy Digitalisation StrategyAlso, read more about our work on strategic decarbonisation studies here. 

The artist will be an early career practitioner or recent arts graduate (up to three years out of education), with an interest in and/or some familiarity with issues exploring our climate emergency and wider societal transformation.

We are open to consider various preferred mediums, and particularly keen to hear from:

  • Visual artists, digital artists and graphic designers
  • Renewable energy artists, or more general installation artists
  • Computer programming coders and creative media technologists with an interest in immersive technologies. Visual artists who are interested in working with data are especially encouraged to apply.

The resulting work will be exhibited on our digital platform, in the University of Plymouth’s Sustainability Centre, and shared with our extensive networks of cultural and industry partners.


The overarching aims for this programme are to:

  • Create engaging artworks to reach new audiences and raise widespread awareness and acceptance for sustainable heat technologies.
  • Give an artist an opportunity to create innovative work in an unconventional, scientific context, and expose energy policy experts to new skills and perspectives.
  • Create a platform for under-represented voices in the energy industry to shape innovative visions of a future energy system.


Regen will provide:

  • An artist fee of £1500 (15h a week commitment)
  • Budget for materials of £300
  • A digital residency site
  • Technical support in achieving the aims of the online residency
  • Support and promotion of the artist and their work through our networks


Apply through our application form here, or get in touch with Emma, RAL producer, for more information

This residency is supported by the University of Plymouth: Sustainability Hub.

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