The Regen Art Lab (RAL) is a new programme for interdisciplinary collaborations to take place between our clean energy experts and UK-based, early career artists from underrepresented backgrounds in the energy sector (ie. BIPOC, ethnic minorities, people from low-income backgrounds, and the LGBTQ+ community), to create innovative visions of our low carbon future.


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Over the year 2021-2022 we will  focus on the issue of decarbonising how we heat our homes and businessesMost buildings across the UK need to be adapted, or retrofitted, to a non-polluting heating technology, as well as better insulated. Yet there is also no centralised or like-for-like solution – mass participation will be necessary for each building, each home to be changed, making this the greatest challenge the UK faces to become a net zero carbon economy.  

Decarbonising heat therefore touches upon deeply personal issues, at the intersection of environmental and social justice. For more on the theme, here are four of our recent blogs on it: Why decarbonising heat is about peopleCold homes, sore throats, and hospital beds: a case for public spending on retrofitRegen responds to the Green Homes Grant closureEnergy Digitalisation StrategyAlso, read more about our work on strategic decarbonisation studies here. 

Meet the Artist: Karenza Sparks

Karenza is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, animator and maker. Through her work, she likes to explore new methods of storytelling and interactive design, using both classical techniques and emerging technologies. Karenza believes that narrative and interaction in design are things which can be uniquely personal and engaging, and aid the imagination of new worlds. Her practice is highly collaborative, which often takes projects in exciting and unexpected directions. Through community projects and play, she aspires to provoke new thoughts and conversations.

Read Karenza’s introductory blog here. View her research process through her mind-map here, and view her research resources here. You can follow Karenza’s making journey on Instagram here.

Residency structure:

  • The first 5 weeks of the residency will be focused on research and exploration, with sessions scheduled for the artist to engage with energy experts and community energy members, to develop a concept and proposal for the final works.
  • The second 5 weeks of the residency will be focused on the collaborative exchange between the energy experts and the artist as they develop a final concept for the artworks.
  • The final 5 weeks of the residency will be focused on the production and exhibition of the artworks, with an Artist Talk to showcase the collaborative experience.

The overarching aims for this programme are to:

  • Create engaging artworks to reach new audiences and raise widespread awareness and acceptance for sustainable heat technologies.
  • Give an artist an opportunity to create innovative work in an unconventional, scientific context, and expose energy policy experts to new skills and perspectives.
  • Create a platform for under-represented voices in the energy industry to shape innovative visions of a future energy system.

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This residency is supported by the University of Plymouth: Sustainability Hub.

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