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We are finally seeing an awakening to the climate emergency and the urgent need for action. The coming decade will be decisive in whether we can transform our economy and our energy system fast enough to make a difference. This transformation will create enormous opportunities across the economy. It will also destroy value where incumbents don’t react fast enough.

We have the technologies, expertise and innovation to decarbonise our energy system. We have investors ready to deploy capital at speed and scale. Increasingly we have public support and recognition of the need for radical changes. However, we know that we are moving much too slowly. Deployment of onshore wind, solar and storage is largely stalled. Lack of investment in coherent charging infrastructure is the principal barrier to consumers shifting to electric vehicles. Addressing heat and the built environment remains stuck in the ‘too difficult’ box.

Renewable Futures conference brought together leading innovators, investors and policy makers to debate how we overcome barriers and turn net zero policy commitments into the scale and urgency of action needed. How can we ensure climate emergency declarations lead to public private partnerships to deliver at scale? How do we ensure our critical infrastructure, the pipes and wires, is transformed into an enabler for radical decarbonisation? And what will unlock the capital needed to pay for the transformation?

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