New Publication

Playbook for Network Innovation

Regen has worked with Innovate UK to develop a Playbook for Network Innovation which gathers learnings from previous innovations to support future innovators on the journey to successful implementation and commercialisation.
Upcoming Event

The UK’s Review of Electricity Market Arrangements – Second Consultation

Join us on 22 April, alongside leading developers, regulators and investors to debate the most important issues for the clean energy sector and to review the reform options that government is now focusing on.
Green Energy Awards

Green Energy Award Winners 2024

Find out who's won this national celebration of the innovative technologies, pioneering companies and inspiring individuals shaking up the energy system and driving us towards net zero.
New report

Wind-powered Heat: Powering clean heat with clean energy to cut costs and emissions

Commissioned by climate charity Possible, this report shows that enabling community-owned turbines could protect consumers, the climate and national energy security.

Preparing Britain’s electricity network for net zero

Regen's paper published in partnership with the MCS Charitable Foundation sets out the scale of the challenge – and the solutions – to prepare Britain’s electricity network for net zero.

A day in the life of 2035: Second edition - Our future net zero electricity system

Regen and ESO's new interactive report explores how a net zero power system could operate during more challenging periods of the year.

What we do

Regen is an independent centre of energy expertise with a mission to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon energy system. We are leading strategists on the pathway to a zero carbon energy system, focused on analysing the systemic challenges of decarbonising power, heat and transport. We know that a transformation of this scale will require engaging the whole of society in a just transition.

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Accelerating the journey to net zero energy

Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight whose mission is to transform the energy system for a zero carbon future.

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