Artistic explorations of the just energy transition.

The Regen Art Lab offers our energy system and system change expertise to creative projects grappling with climate change themes.

The purpose of this initiative is to help bridge the gap between energy and art – so we can learn from each other and explore key challenges together.

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Regen Art Lab

Recent Projects

Celebrating Changemakers – Regen Art Lab 2024 residency
About the Regen Art Lab Regen is a mission-driven, not-for-profit centre of energy expertise.…
Viewer discretion advised:     This illustrative film contains explicit language. Parental guidance suggested.

Regen Art Lab

Recent Blog Posts

29 November 2023 Planning for decarbonisation at a local level
Local authorities are undertaking extensive decarbonisation planning to support their climate goals – whether…
4 May 2023 Behind the scenes of SOUNDING CONNECTIONS: an audio collage of democracy and energy dialogues
  The Regen Art Lab’s artist residencies are Regen-funded, interdisciplinary collaborations between our clean…
18 November 2022 Exploring energy democracy through sound art: an introductory blog
In this introductory blog, Cameron shares his thoughts on what he’s learned so far…

Regen Art Lab

Our Expertise

Ray Arrell
Associate Director
Ray is part of the Regen leadership team, overseeing our work and strategic goals…
Emma Pavans de Ceccatty
Emma is the freelance producer for the Regen Art Lab. She has an Environment,…
Patti S
Senior Energy Analyst
Patti is one of Regen's senior energy analysts, working to deliver high quality data…
Sophie Whinney
Senior Energy Analyst
Sophie has a masters in Engineering Design from the University of Bristol, where she…

Regen Art Lab

Recent Publications

Regen Art Lab – Residency 1 Resources
The SWIMBY Songbook
The Element in the Room

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