The ESN was established in 2008 as the UK industry group dedicated to electricity storage. It includes a broad range of electricity storage technologies and members, such as electricity storage manufacturers and suppliers, developers of projects, users, electricity network operators, consultants, academic institutions, and research organisations.

The ESN is managed by Regen.

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The ESN strongly supports UK companies to deliver solutions for the GB electricity system and beyond.

We work on behalf of our members to respond to and address issues affecting the development and utilisation of electricity storage within the GB electricity system. As such, the views of the ESN are informed by our members and by our mission to promote a smart, flexible energy system.

The ESN has a strong identity, creating a high profile for the electricity storage industry. Our influential work on the government’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan lead to the inclusion of our proposed definition of storage and progress on licensing.

Our definition is:

  • “Electricity Storage” in the electricity system is the conversion of electrical energy into a form of energy which can be stored, the storing of that energy, and the subsequent reconversion of that energy back into electrical energy.
  • “Electricity Storage Facility” in the electricity system means a facility where Electricity Storage occurs.

As a member of The Electricity Storage Network, you will receive,

  • regular newsletter updates
  • invitations to ESN members’ only events – we have three working groups which meet on a quarterly basis, Markets and Revenues, Planning and Health and Safety, where we discuss sector developments and how industry and government can improve and adapt to increase the uptake of storage.
  • a stronger voice with government, the regulators and with the media around storage and in general – attached is an example of an ESN consultation response.

Membership of The ESN includes membership of Regen and its wider benefits and areas of interest.

The Electricity Storage Network areas of focus in 18/19

 We have ambitious plans for the coming year, our areas of focus will include:

  • Planning and business rates. Key topics include;
    • The assessment of applications for storage projects under the Town and Country Planning Act and through the National Infrastructure Commission.
    • Colocation of storage with renewables and with demand.
    • Consideration around land rights, connection rights and environmental issues.

We are already in touch with the RTPI and the Valuation Office on their plans for new guidance.

  • How the market for storage services will evolve with the ESO SNAPS strategy, the emergence of DSOs and local flexibility markets and the inclusion of storage in the wider suite of ancillary services (e.g. Black Start and Reactive Power services).
  • The radical changes in charging regimes for connection and use of the network being proposed through Ofgem’s Charging Futures Forum (Regen has been an active player).
  • Linking storage with heat and transport, new infrastructure, hydrogen and gas networks.
  • Connecting storage and connection agreements, the classification of storage as a subset of non-intermittent generation and other considerable technical work needed.
  • The ongoing (sometimes endless seeming) issues of licencing, regulation and impact on RO and FIT accreditation and the role of storage in the Capacity Market.

We continue to monitor policy development to alert members and ensure they take account of the changes in electricity storage technology and business models. In 2018/19 we will be continuing our successful working group on finance and markets and are currently considering working groups in other areas including planning, health and safety, and the product life cycle.

Become a member

The Electricity Storage Network has a sponsoring level for membership that brings increased exposure to members, through the display of their names and logos on our publicity materials. The steering committee will also look at sponsor members as invitees to join the steering committee, as we seek to strengthen its role.

Membership TypePriceCondition
Sponsor£5000 + VATAny Welcome
Large Corporate£2,500 + VAT Turnover > £1 Million
Medium Corporate£1000 + VAT£300k - £1 Million Turnover
Small Corporate£500 + VATUp to 5 Employees and/or up to £300k Turnover
Academic£500 + VATAcademic Institution


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