Local authorities have a key role in the energy transition and delivering a green recovery.  The UK will not achieve its net zero ambition without the active engagement of the people and organisations of the UK’s nations, cities and regions.

Regen has been successfully supporting local authorities from across the UK for the last 17 years. We work with local authorities ranging in size and tier, from unitary to combined authorities. We support local authorities trying to reduce their carbon emissions, particularly focusing on decarbonising the energy system and the critical role local authorities can play.

Local Authority Trim

Benefits of Local Authority Membership

Local Authority membership is a tailored package to support local authorities in their work furthering the promotion and adoption of renewable energy policies and technologies.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to receive:

icon Tailored support
As part of supporting local decarbonisation plans, we offer bespoke services including
modelling carbon trajectories, planning policy advice and successful business models.
In addition, we’re expertly positioned to connect you with your local energy network, supporting a more collaborative approach.
icon Have influence
Have a stronger voice with BEIS, OFGEM, and key policy makers, helping to inform national policy on decarbonising the energy system, in a way that supports local authorities. We’re also able to test local solutions with the renewables industry, and signpost promising local investment opportunities to industry.
icon Stay informed
Attend our events aimed at supporting, connecting and showcasing the important work of local authorities in transforming our energy system, as well as addressing the challenges being faced.

Key priorities

Here are our key policy recommendations for national government,
to better support local authorities:

  1. To release local leadership across the whole of the UK:
    Introduce a new statutory duty for local authorities on net zero energy, with appropriate funding, resources and reporting to deliver against it.
  2. To unlock local authorities’ role in energy network planning and investment: Establish a formal governance role for UK regions over the future of critical energy infrastructure.
  3. To enable local roll-out of energy efficiency measures: Give control of retrofit funding, including ECO, to local government.
  4. To enable true zero carbon new development: Raise the ambition of the Future Homes Standard to be net zero compliant and allow local authorities the freedom to be more ambitious than the national decarbonisation timetable.
  5. To deliver a low carbon transport system in the context of Covid-19: Offer guidance and significant funding to local authorities through the creation of a funded low carbon transport plan.
  6. To support a green economic recovery and transformation: Focus economic recovery on the energy transition, which offers skilled jobs, world-leading research opportunities, and high value capital investment, as well as progress towards net zero carbon emissions.


7. To build social permission for radical change: Develop a national net zero carbon strategy and use it to drive regular communications on climate issues and policy development.

8. To enable local authorities to invest in the future energy system: Include energy projects as a suitable category in future lending terms for the Public Works Loan Board and reverse recent interest rate increases.

9. To enable local authorities to support community energy projects: Issue guidance for local authorities on how to set up new Power Purchase Agreements to fund new community energy projects.

10. To support the development of smart local energy systems: Introduce shared network access for local projects in the current Ofgem review of network access charges and press ahead with mandatory half-hourly settlement of electricity to support smart energy tariffs.

You can read more about our recommendations here. Together, we can help your local authority achieve net zero.

Let Hazel Williams know if you’re interested in becoming a member.

Existing work

In July 2020, Hazel Williams published a paper entitled “Local leadership to transform our energy system”, with invaluable insights from local authorities including West Midlands and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Bath & North East Somerset Council and Cornwall Council. View the report here.

We have recently completed a carbon neutrality study for Bristol City Council assessing scenarios for decarbonising the area against business as usual. View the report here.

In 2019, we worked with Cornwall Council on the concept of Energy Innovation Zones – producing the evidence and pitch for them to take to BEIS for funding. View the project outline here.

Download the full report here.

Our Local Authority members include

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