Local leadership can help transform our energy system. The Local Authorities, Cities and Regions membership is designed to support local and regional bodies respond to the climate emergency and the transformation of our energy system, offering support on issues such as procuring local renewable electricity, planning for electric vehicles, working with local energy networks, energy efficiency and supply chains.

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Benefits of Local Authority membership

Regen’s mission is to transform the world’s energy systems for a zero-carbon future. But we can’t do it alone. Together with our members, we provide an expert and highly influential voice for the policies and market innovation required to drive us to net zero. Join us and invest in a zero-carbon energy future.

In addition to the baseline local authority membership, Regen is also offering optional extra services to local authority members at a discounted daily rate so that we can best design how we support your needs…

icon Membership
We’ll use our 20-year experience in the energy sector and our extensive membership and network to support you via regular meetings with a dedicated relationship manager. We’ll provide you with expert advice and support for the unique challenges your authority faces.

We use our extensive relationships with policymakers and regulators to ensure the views and needs of local authorities are clearly communicated to BEIS and Ofgem.

The local authority membership also enables you to access Regen’s wealth of expertise and analysis to support net zero decisions in your area, and you will receive our timely member newsletters and policy updates.

The cost of local authority membership is £1,150 per year.
icon Consultancy
Regen local authority consultancy support builds on the membership by covering up to three days of consultancy time from Regen experts. This can be used to run or help arrange workshops, sit on net zero boards, commission specialised analysis and much more.

This support is optional and can be decided upon throughout the year. It may be that you identify a need for consultancy support through the regular meetings with your relationship manager and then choose to commission this additionally, or you may want to purchase this alongside membership if you already have a piece of work in mind.

The cost of three-day consultancy support is £2,000, which is a 20% discount on Regen’s normal day rate.
icon Net zero dashboard
You will receive an annual progress report detailing your journey towards local decarbonisation. This report from Regen’s expert analysts will help you engage your stakeholders in local progress and action. It will collate and present data for your area in comparison with others and help you track annual progress on decarbonising heat, power and transport.

The net zero data dashboard costs £2,000. More bespoke progress reports are also available and additional work to create these would be quoted for on a 20% discount to our typical day rate.

Please note that local authority membership must be purchased to access the consultancy support and net zero dashboard, which are optional extras.

Why local authorities matter in the fight against climate change

More than 300 local authorities have declared climate emergencies and set net zero targets for 2050 or sooner. 82% of UK carbon emissions are within the scope of local authority influence and £137bn could be generated by taking place-based approaches to net zero and empowering local authorities to deliver this. Regen's strategic goal is to enable cities and regions with the powers, responsibilities and fundings to plan for zero carbon heat and transport, ensuring a just transition for local communities. Our local authority membership gives you access to the support you need to better deliver net zero in your area.

Existing work

Regen is currently working on several projects either directly with, or in support of, local authorities. These include working with Somerset Council to develop the Somerset Energy Investment Plan, which will address the council’s commitment to develop an energy strategy that will support the decarbonisation of the region, and with UK Power Networks to support its programme of local authority net zero support, focusing on data and understanding how local authorities are using open data for net zero planning. 

We are also involved in several projects relating to the development of the Regional Energy Strategic Planner. Ofgem announced its decision about the RESP in November 2023. Our work and thinking about the RESP is evolving in parallel with the development of the body itself. You can read more about our work in this area here


Let's work together and create a low-carbon future

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