Low carbon hydrogen has an important role to play in achieving net zero, first in decarbonising existing hydrogen production, and then in high-value applications such as heavy industry, specialist vehicles and power system balancing. However, hydrogen has a complex and multifaceted value chain and cannot be seen as a direct replacement for natural gas, or equally akin to electricity. Along with its relative market immaturity, building a hydrogen value chain requires a more strategic approach.

Regen has been working in the hydrogen sector for over 4 years and have recently explored the end-to-end hydrogen value chain, identifying the opportunities and challenges in producing, storing, transporting and using hydrogen.

To find out more about Regen’s hydrogen work, please contact Jonty Haynes.


The building blocks of a hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen Value Chain Graphic

Hydrogen & Future of Gas

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Hydrogen & Future of Gas

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Hydrogen & Future of Gas

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Ray Arrell
Associate Director
Ray is part of the Regen leadership team, overseeing our work and strategic goals…
Becky Fowell
Energy Market Analyst
As an energy market analyst, Becky works with data, visualisation tools and continuous stakeholder…
Johnny Gowdy
Johnny is a director of Regen and leads the development of our advisory projects,…
Jonty Haynes
Principal Analyst
Jonty is a Principal Analyst at Regen delivering a range of technical support services,…
Frank Hodgson
Senior Energy Analyst
Frank joined Regen in 2022 as a Senior Energy Analyst and co-leads Regen's transport…

Hydrogen & Future of Gas

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