An analysis of how the future net zero energy system could operate on challenging summer and winter days in 2035

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Second edition

Published 13 October 2022

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Our new and improved final report analyses how the future decarbonised energy system will operate in challenging conditions on a summer day and a winter day in 2035.

The new and improved ‘A day in the life 2035: Second edition’ report explores how the future decarbonised electricity system could operate on challenging days.

The publication is the culmination of our project with National Grid ESO, expanding and improving on analysis in our initial report released earlier this year.

The new report highlights how our future net zero energy system could operate by presenting two snapshot narratives of very different summer and winter days in 2035, each with their own challenges and opportunities in which the system’s energy security or resilience are tested.

Regen has been working alongside National Grid ESO to address the challenge of how a decarbonised power system could operate during more challenging periods of the year. How will a very low carbon electricity system, with a very high proportion of variable renewable energy, significant new demand from EVs and heat pumps, and much greater levels of flexibility, remain flexible enough to deal with the diverse conditions that the British weather and energy system will throw at it?

See this page for more information about the two phases of our project with National Grid ESO.

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