How we pay for our electricity network in the future will be critical to how the energy system develops to support more decentralised and decarbonised generation and flexibility.

Ofgem decided in 2017 to comprehensively review how the network charges are calculated and levied on users. Since then, Regen has been working extensively in this area, engaging in the Charging Futures Forum and sitting on the access taskforce which reported earlier this year.

We recently explored the implications of some of the changes proposed in a blog and podcast for National Grid ESO.

Initial thoughts from Ofgem were outlined in their consultation on the access and forward looking network charges. Regen’s response can be downloaded above. This response is also supported by Community Energy England.

We expect the consultation on the Targeted Charging – Significant Code Review, which is exploring how users will be paying for the fixed, residual network costs, to be published later this year.


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