Regen welcomes the announcement of an Energy Bill in the Queen’s Speech. This opportunity should be taken to set legislation that accelerates the transition away from fossil fuels towards clean energy. 

Regen has joined 31 civil society organisations calling for actions to be taken alongside the Energy Bill to address the immediate challenge of supporting people struggling with their energy bills.

Responding to the announcement of Energy Bill in the Queen’s Speech today [10 May], Merlin Hyman, chief executive at Regen, commented: 

“We welcome the announcement in the Queen’s Speech of an Energy Bill. This is a key opportunity to set legislation that accelerates the transition to clean energy and puts the UK on course for net zero.

Locking into law the commitment to achieve decarbonised power by 2035 would give strengthened focus to building out the renewable and low carbon technologies we need for a resilient system that avoids the use of fossil fuels.

Critical to achieve net zero in a way that maintains system security, keeps costs down and ensures a just transition will be legislation to create a publicly owned Future System Operator responsible for filling the current gap in long-term strategic direction setting for the energy system. Net zero must be the first priority of this new body, in addition to being added to the core of Ofgem’s remit.

As we move towards a renewable powered system, energy storage technologies will be crucial. We urge that the Energy Bill puts into law the accepted definition of electricity storage drafted by the Electricity Storage Network, ending the ad-hoc treatment of storage and helping unlock its role in aiding decarbonisation.

Alongside this Bill, it is vital that the government provides more support to address the immediate priority of helping people struggling with their energy bills, in tandem with the rapid rollout of energy efficiency measures as the most cost-effective shield against the rising wholesale price of gas. Regen has joined 31 civil society organisations calling for such actions to be taken as a matter of urgency.”

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