Regen has secured funding from the William Grant Foundation to deliver a programme of work focused on driving a just transition to a clean energy system. This will allow us to develop new evidence, analysis and thought leadership to make sure that decarbonisation brings everyone along for the ride while enabling markets and the wider sector to move at the scale and pace required to meet the UK’s crucial net zero targets.

The just transition is a key priority for Regen. We believe it’s critical to maximising the social opportunity of jobs, industry, healthier homes and thriving communities that we know net zero has to offer – and maintaining the public support required for such a significant social and technical transformation.

We also understand the need to accelerate delivery of net zero in our energy system to meet the UK’s targets of a net zero power system by 2035 and net zero overall by 2050. At this formative moment where decarbonisation is now very much in sharp focus for people and politicians alike, this funding will enable us to get in front of some of the big questions, ensuring that the transition is both fast and fair.

Our programme of work will include:

  • Evidence building and analysis to support fairer net zero energy policies and initiatives
  • Engaging with less-represented groups, such as community and social-focused advocacy organisations, to bring new perspectives into the energy conversation
  • Convening the sector, policymakers and community organisations to collaborate on and promote new just transition thinking.

This programme builds on our run of events earlier this year, which explored the just transition opportunities for markets, innovation and infrastructure, and recent work with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to embed fairer assumptions, processes and analysis into network planning.

To hear more and find out how you can get involved in this work, please contact our just transition lead, Fraser Stewart.

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