Green Energy Award Winners and Shortlisted

The winners were announced at the sell-out ceremony on the 27 November in Bath. A huge congratulations goes to all those shortlisted and winners for this year’s prestigious awards

Regen Energy Awards 2018 305

Clean energy innovation (sponsored by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks)

  • Highview Power – Winner 

Highview Power has installed the world’s first liquid grid-scale air energy storage (LAES) system, specifically designed for long duration use cases – up to 200 MW/1.2 GWh – and because power and energy are separated, the system is easily and cost-effectively scalable. Renewables combined with LAES ultimately has the potential to replace traditional peaker plants fueled by natural gas and coal.

  • Moixa
  • Zapinamo
  • Open Energi
  • Origami Energy

Clean energy pioneer 

  • Afsheen Rashid, Repowering London – Winner 

Afsheen has driven the agenda of urban community energy since 2006; from her pioneering work with Community Energy London, policy leadership with BEIS and the GLA, and underpinning the growth of Repowering itself. Most recently, Afsheen has led on a 65kW community owned solar development in the Vauxhall Gardens housing estate in Lambeth. Having previously been deemed impossible due to the govt FiT cuts, Afsheen has been relentless in finding innovative ways of making the scheme happen with partners Engie and Lambeth Council, and it is currently under construction.

  • Mohammed Saddiq, GENeco
  • Barbara Hammond, Low Carbon Hub
  • Jake Burnyeat, Communities for Renewables
  • Nina Skorupska, REA

Clean energy scheme

  • The Freedom Project – Winner 

Freedom Project has demonstrated smart controls for hybrid heating systems can enable lowest-cost heat decarbonisation without radical behaviour change. 75 Freedom systems, using three different ASHPs and boilers, were installed in a range of private/social homes in Bridgend in 2017. 70-80% emissions reduction from domestic heating can be achieved from renewable power, reaching 100% when coupled with green gas.

  • Project SCENe
  • Bristol Energy in partnership with GENeco
  • SunGift Solar
  • Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd

Clean energy system disruptor (sponsored by Wales and West Utilities)

  • VCharge – Winner 

The first system of its kind, VCharge is a highly scalable, intelligent technology platform that captures the value of flexibility present in domestic assets of different types. VCharge provides the intelligence and control necessary to symbiotically react to changes in demand and supply, enabling our transition to a cheaper and low carbon energy system. VCharge is currently operational in a number of high profile pilot projects; for example, in the Scottish islands of Mull and Orkney

  • GENeco
  • The Renewable Exchange
  • PassivSystems

Community energy initiative (sponsored by Naturesave)

  • Awel Co-op – winner 

Awel Co-op commissioned its 4.7MW wind farm in January 2017. We want to apply in particular for our schools’ work in the past year. We have donated shares to 30 primary and secondary schools They are gaining an understanding of the coop business model and democratic participation; get the chance to visit; learn about the practical side of wind generation.

  • Exeter Community Energy
  • South East London Community Energy
  • South Dartmoor Community Energy
  • Carbon Co-op

Local energy leadership 

  • Bristol City Council – Winner 

Bristol City Council is leading by example in the action against climate change and has committed to Bristol becoming a carbon neutral city by the year 2050. The council’s award winning Energy Service is a driving force behind this activity, delivering projects that benefit the social, economic and environmental health of our city and partners across the region.

  • Devon County Council
  • Welsh Government

2018 award sponsors

Naturesave    SSEN   Wales And West Utilities

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