An analysis of the energy system benefits and policy implications of a more geographically diverse offshore wind portfolio

You can view the final publication, executive summary and key findings here.


On Wednesday 19 October 2022, Regen launched a thought leadership report that explores and identifies the benefits to the UK energy system and energy consumers of aoffshore wind fleet that is more equitably distributed around the UK.

The paper is jointly sponsored by Simply Blue Group, Magnora Offshore Wind, Morwind and Northland Power (with Regen retaining editorial independence over recommendations and conclusions) and has been informed by engagement with key energy sector stakeholders, including Welsh Government, National Grid, BEIS, Ofgem and The Crown Estate. Visit the Go West project page for more details on the project, its authors and sponsors.

The study 

The Go West! study combines 20 years of historical wind resource data with three possible future offshore wind fleet scenarios – ranging from an east coast-biased fleet (‘Stay East’) through to a more geographically diverse fleet (‘Go West’) – to explore their energy generation potential and the associated system benefits. 

The findings include that accelerating development off the west coast of GB and north coast of Scotland could improve the consistency of power supply and strengthen energy security and operability whilst reducing energy costs, carbon emissions and market risk.

As well as providing a more balanced source of energy, with fewer and shorter troughs of low generation, the ‘Go West!’ study shows that development of west coast wind farms would also reduce the volatility (rate of change) of energy generation, which would provide additional benefits for system operation.

The benefits of ‘going west’ extend beyond the energy system to the ‘levelling up’ of infrastructure and communities adjacent to the Celtic Sea and north and west Scotland.

The launch event 

The launch webinar for the Go West report featured discussions of key themes and findings from:

  • Johnny Gowdy, Director, Regen
  • Selaine Saxby MP
  • Jack Adkins, Senior Analyst, Regen
  • Simon Gill, Associate, Regen
  • Alice Etheridge, Offshore Coordination Senior Manager, National Grid ESO
  • Leo Bertels, Head of Floating Wind Programme, BEIS
  • Stuart Borland, Deputy Director, Offshore Network Regulation, Ofgem
  • Becky Fowell, Energy Market Analyst, Regen

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