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New report shows Swansea Bay City Region can take a major step towards meeting its total energy needs through renewable energy

A new energy simulation model shows that the Swansea Bay City Region has the potential to meet the equivalent of 100% of its electricity consumption from  renewable energy sources by 2035. With ambitious, urgent action, it shows the region can also make significant progress on decarbonising the supply of the region’s energy for heat and for transport, and so greatly reducing the environmental impact.

Offshore wind and marine energy in particular provide huge opportunities to increase renewable electricity production in the region.

A report of the region’s potential energy resource has today been launched at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea.

Created by Regen for the Institute of Welsh Affairs’ (IWA) Re-energising Wales project, the model can be adapted for regions across Wales, the UK, and beyond.

As well as new renewable energy projects, the report shows that people in the region can take practical steps to help achieve this goal.

Johnny Gowdy, author of the report, explained:

“Alongside investment in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency in homes and businesses can make a significant contribution to transform the supply of energy in the city region. Regen’s modelling shows the scale of the opportunity as well as the challenge. For example, to meet the 2035 energy efficiency goal, 200,000 homes (60% of domestic properties in the region) would need to adopt efficiency measures. This could save each home between £350 and £420 on their annual energy bills”.

Shea Buckland-Jones, Re-energising Wales Project Coordinator said:

“This is an ambitious but achievable model showing how the Swansea Bay City Region can maximise its renewable energy supply by 2035, and  make significant progress towards the goal of producing 100% of its energy from renewables.

Swansea Bay City Region has already shown ambition and leadership on energy. Given this existing strategic commitment, the region is well-placed to act as a pathfinder for Wales and demonstrate the practical steps needed to maximise the and potential of renewable energy.

At Monday’s event, representatives from the Swansea Bay City Region, energy experts and members of community energy projects will discuss the report’s findings and develop recommended next steps for Swansea Bay City Region and for Wales.

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