The last few months have seen a barrage of policy changes coming from government and the regulator – some are minor, many will have a significant impact on the energy sector. With the 12 year warning from the IPCC ringing in our ears, we want to ensure that all of these changes are led by decarbonisation.

To this end, we have responded to the updated Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The numerous actions in this plan provide the ambition needed to upgrade the energy system to be smart and flexible enough to support renewables and decarbonisation. We welcome and support many of these actions, particularly from the perspective of storage and the Electricity Storage Network (ESN). Our response, which you can access below, sets out what we consider to be priority areas and those that warrant increased attention.

Regen and the ESN work to ensure such transformation benefits the entire energy sector and given the scale and pace of change needed, we consider decarbonisation should be a default objective of all energy policies, not a case that need to be argued.

SSFP Response

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