Ellie Brundrett

Ellie Brundrett

Net Zero Project Manager

Since joining Regen in 2021, Ellie has been responsible for delivering some of our key strategic decarbonisation studies, as well as thought leadership in the market reform space.

Ellie is also Regen’s markets lead and, having led our response to the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) open consultation in 2022, she has spent the last 18 months managing several projects related to the government’s programme of energy market and system reform. In addition to overseeing and contributing to consultation responses and insight papers to shape the ongoing debate, this also involves extensive engagement with government, industry bodies and NGOs.

Ellie is skilled at transforming data-based analysis into proposals and recommendations and has also worked closely with the Welsh Government to produce a set of reports exploring both energy generation and use across Wales. These reports, which build on similar studies conducted by Regen in previous years, support the delivery of Wales’s future energy strategy through the creation of an evidence base against which decarbonisation targets can be measured.

Prior to joining Regen, Ellie spent three years working in the commercial team of a renewable energy supplier. As a senior forecasting analyst, she was responsible for the accurate forecasting of both demand and generation positions, and also worked closely with stakeholders such as Bristol City Council to develop decarbonisation projects.

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