Project duration: September 2020 – March 2021

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‘Rethinking heat’ is a thought provoking discussion paper that challenges policymakers to apply whole system thinking to ensure that increasing the deployment of heat pumps delivers value for consumers and the overall energy system.

The paper explores the existing evidence base and includes new analysis to establish whether there is a greater scope for use of ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) to decarbonise heat than previously assumed, along with assessing benefits that could be derived from a higher level of GSHPs deployed where heat is electrified.

Key findings from the paper
Regen’s analysis suggests that supporting the deployment of more GSHPs in a net zero scenario could:

  1. Unlock new business models that separate the capital cost of ground array from the upfront cost of installing the GSHP.
  2. Enable flats and terraced houses that do not have large gardens (representing 11m homes, 49% of housing) to be suitable for GSHP.
  3. Make GSHP costs comparable with ASHP costs and other low carbon solutions.
  4. Reduce peak electricity demand by 10% in a scenario with 20m heat pumps deployed.
  5. Enable minimised running costs through flexibility in domestic heat demand.
  6. Support UK manufacturing and develop more jobs in the supply chain.

Rethinking heat inforgraphic

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As with previous insight papers, Regen has partnered with leading organisations that are willing to provide sponsorship. This discussion paper has been kindly sponsored by Kensa Group Ltd. All views and opinions expressed in the paper are Regen’s, unless otherwise indicated, and have been taken independently of the paper sponsor.


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Tim is a mechanical engineer with a broad range of experience in onshore heat…

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