‘Building the hydrogen value chain’ is part of Regen’s on-going research and analysis of the emerging low carbon hydrogen sector, in which we consider the opportunities and challenges of integrating hydrogen into the energy system. This insight paper investigates the hydrogen value chain, from production to end-consumer, and assesses how this complex and multifaceted energy solution can best be supported by targeted policy interventions. 

As this paper sets out, there are strong arguments to support policy intervention to encourage innovation, develop new consumer markets and to accelerate investment in hydrogen production and distribution assets.  Policy makers need to tread carefully however and should not think of hydrogen as just a direct replacement for natural gas or akin to electricity.  

Its complex value chain, as well as its relative market immaturity, requires a more strategic approach that focuses on nurturing consumer demand led markets that will continue to drive innovation, carbon reduction and cost efficiency, and enable the low carbon hydrogen to deliver its full economic and decarbonisation value. 


Download a copy to view offline here.


“The richness and complexity of the hydrogen value chain requires very careful development, and  targeted policy interventions to nurture new markets and supply chains that will drive innovation, carbon reduction and cost efficiency, to deliver its full potential.”  – Johnny Gowdy, Regen director



For more information about Regen’s hydrogen work, please visit the project page here.

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