This resource, developed with Innovate UK, explores the patterns of successful network innovation projects, shares learnings from previous innovators and supports future innovators through their project journey.

The Playbook for Network Innovation identifies and explores patterns of successful innovation. It draws together academic theory on innovation and experiential insights from more than a hundred innovators. By harnessing these invaluable insights, we have created a powerful resource that will guide innovators, energy networks and their partners as they develop and refine their ideas, craft project applications and embark on their journey of network innovation and successful commercialisation. It is not a step-by-step guide to running an innovation project, but a ‘book of previous plays’ that will help innovators navigate some of the complexities of network innovation and give them pointers to increase their chances of success.

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The Playbook centres around three dimensions of successful innovation:

  • Learning and knowledge
  • People and processes
  • Markets and application

These dimensions, which are rooted in academic theory, form the foundations of successful innovation. Within each dimension, there are factors influencing success, which explore how innovators can navigate the energy network landscape to develop their ideas into successful projects.


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