We need all the talents in our society involved if we are going to tackle a challenge as big as achieving net zero.

ReWiRE enables people and organisations to connect, learn and take action on gender diversity and inclusion.

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The vision of the ReWiRE network is to make gender diversity a priority at all levels of the clean energy sector, making companies more resilient and able to innovate.

Be inspired by industry leaders, join a vibrant and talented community, and achieve business and professional success.

The ReWiRE network and its events provide all the content and networking opportunities needed to flourish in the clean energy sector through inspirational keynotes, blogs, panel discussions on business strategy and models, technology growth, and career development workshops.

Claire PerryClaire Perry, previous Energy and Clean Growth Minister

“Since becoming Energy and Clean Growth Minister, I’ve had the pleasure to meet some incredible women who are powering the energy sector, from engineers to project managers. What’s exciting about the transition into clean growth is the range of opportunities available for female talent to not only keep the UK powered but develop new innovations. Diversity is a key focus of our modern Industrial Strategy and we’re investing an additional £406 million in maths, digital, and technical education which will help women flourish in our growing green economy.”

ReWiRE works to:

icon Build profiles
Increase the visibility and profile of women working in the clean energy sector.
icon Reach senior positions
Increase the representation of women on boards and in senior management positions across the sector, with a focus on SMEs.
icon Attract new talent
Promote the attractiveness of working in the sector to boost the pipeline of female talent.

Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder, Good Energy

“Networks like ReWiRE are hugely valuable in supporting and promoting women who work in renewable energy, giving them a platform to connect and helping future generations of women who want to be part of the renewables sector.”

Why get involved?

Be inspired and energised

  • Industry pioneers share their experiences of championing women, the importance of female role models and how to accelerate your career.

Meet like-minded people

  • Join a lively and friendly community of people working in the sector with fantastic networking opportunities.

Achieve long-term business success

  • Topics covered will include how to attract and retain top talent, the transformation of the energy sector, how to build successful teams and changing company culture.

Build diverse and inclusive organisations

  • Learn how industry leaders approach strategies for addressing the gender gap, measure the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion policies, and push it to the forefront of the business’ agendas.

Get technical

  • Get the lowdown on how different aspects of business will be impacted by emerging business models, technology and the latest trends.

Maximise your potential

  • Learn how to build confidence, boost your external profile and market yourself.


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