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Our newest paper, Energy Networks for the Future, highlights the need for a new partnership between the public and private sector to deliver the energy infrastructure needed to achieve a net zero future. This graphic of the month is Regen’s sketch of an alternative model for network governance and accountability, with extracts from the paper below.

A debate has begun about the role that networks will play in the future of energy, and whether the current model is fit for purpose. One proposed approach is to renationalise the networks, to be directly financed and managed for the public good. At the other end of the policy spectrum there have been calls for radical deregulation and liberalisation of the energy sector. Either way, there is a significant execution gap between the UK’s ambitious decarbonisation targets and the energy strategy, policies and investment needed to deliver them. Based on Regen’s research and interviews with a wide range of industry leaders and stakeholders, our new Energy Networks for the Future paper examines how the networks can help deliver a decarbonised and democratised energy system.

The future network sketch shows a new national “energy agency” or “Office of Net Zero” with the political backing to drive net zero carbon delivery across government departments. This agency would work with national governments, cities and regions to develop and implement energy and decabonisation policy. Futhermore, regional energy governance bodies are essential to deliver the transformational change that is needed at a local level. An accelerated DSO transition is also needed, which could be achieved by expanding the DSO role to work with regional bodies to deliver wider energy system objectives, including decarbonisation at least cost.

You can view the full report by clicking below:

Front Cover Energy Networks For The Future


Text by Johnny Gowdy
Image by Frankie Mayo

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