Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight whose mission is to transform the energy system for a zero carbon future. 

Accelerating the journey to zero carbon energy

In 2021, the UK government published its Net Zero Strategy, setting out a roadmap to achieve net zero emissions across power, heat and transport by 2050. The strategy provides a springboard for action; now we must focus on filling the gaps in policies and implementation.

Given the scale of the challenge, we know we need to show up with urgency and optimism about what is possible and a laser-like focus on where we can have most impact.

In response, Regen has sharpened our focus on five strategic goals over the next three years to accelerate the journey to zero carbon energy:

Strategic Goals

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Building an innovative and diverse sector

A transformation of the scale required to decarbonise our energy system will only succeed if the clean energy transition delivers benefits to people, businesses and communities across the country. By bringing together our networks, members and partners, Regen aims to create a powerful voice for whole system change, ensuring the clean energy transition delivers high value job opportunities, tackling barriers to diversity and inclusion and supporting the delivery of a just transition.

Accelerating net zero power

The UK government has set a target to decarbonise the power system by 2035 – a crucial milestone on the path to net zero. Regen is providing an informed, impartial and evidence-based voice on the policy, system, technology and market changes that are needed to meet this target and deliver clean power to consumers at lowest cost.

Enabling a fair clean heat transition

The UK Heat and Buildings Strategy set out the government’s ambition to decarbonise how we heat our homes and businesses. Regen is using our track record in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of heat retrofit to carve the path towards an efficient, place-based approach to decarbonise heat, connecting action from the local to the Westminster level.  

Empowering local leadership

A locally-led transition will bring the jobs, investment and resilience needed to level up the country and put us on course for net zero. Regen provides support to local authorities and community energy groups as unique and important stakeholders in the energy transition, ensuring their voices are heard and advocating for greater local powers, funding and resources to plan for a zero carbon future.

Preparing our energy infrastructure for net zero

To meet net zero, significantly more renewable and low carbon technologies will need to connect to the network, which requires moving towards a more strategic, smarter and flexible approach to investing in and managing our energy networks. Regen is working closely with the energy network companies and the system operator to address key network and innovation challenges and providing market-leading future scenario analysis to inform network planning and investment – helping ensure our network infrastructure is ready for net zero.

Our method

We are leading strategists on the pathway to a zero carbon energy system, focused on analysing the systemic challenges of decarbonising power, heat and transport. We know that a transformation of this scale will require engaging the whole of society in a just transition.

Regen uses three core methods to drive change:

icon Experts
We approach the energy transition from a position of knowledge and evidence. By understanding the technical, financial, political and societal enablers needed to make clean energy work, we can tackle the barriers preventing progress.
icon Pioneers
We choose to work in areas that are innovative or new. We take on challenges; we get cutting edge projects off the ground and share the learning to inspire and enable others to follow.
icon Conveners
We bring the right people and organisations together to create ideas and solutions to achieve change. We work across the energy industry and its wide range of stakeholders.


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