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Tuesday 7 December 2021

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Innovation is central to the ability of the networks to rise to the challenge of net zero. The Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Strategies play a key role in ensuring that network innovation is coordinated, focused on the key priorities for the energy system and delivers benefits to customers. Regen has been commissioned by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) to update the strategy for 2022.

The innovation landscape has evolved since the network innovation strategies were last published in 2020 and so have the priorities and views of stakeholders.

We are therefore inviting stakeholders to participate in this important update and they are keen to hear your feedback throughout the course of the project with several engagement opportunities planned.

This session aimed to give you further context on why the network innovation strategies are being updated now and highlight some of the key modifications we’re proposing that we’d like your views on.

Following this, we’d like to invite you to have your say on the key innovation priorities that will govern all network innovation activity for the next two years. We want to know where you think the networks should work with stakeholders  to co-create innovative ideas and projects that will work to solve the key challenges facing the energy networks. 

This is a critical opportunity to shape the future of the energy networks. The survey will be open from 3-17 December.


ENA Regen


7th December 2021
10:00 am - 10:45 am

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