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Events are split by licence area, as follows:

South West: Wednesday 28 June, 10am – 11:30am 

South Wales: Wednesday 28 June, 2pm – 3:30pm

East Midlands: Thursday 29 June, 10am – 11:30am 

West Midlands: Thursday 29 June, 2pm – 3:30pm 

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Planning for the net zero transition
The transition to net zero carbon is anticipated to bring major changes to the UK energy system, from major wind, solar and energy storage projects down to heating and transport for individual households. NGED and Regen are undertaking the 2023 iteration of our Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES) work, which looks at a set of possible future scenarios for the uptake of key energy technologies such as renewables, energy storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps and new housing in the coming years, out to 2050. This work helps NGED to plan strategically and invest appropriately in the electricity network.

Future planning must reflect regional and local factors
Many of these future energy system changes will vary at a regional and local level, depending on the land, resources, infrastructure, buildings, and people in the area. Therefore, we will be holding a series of regional consultation webinars, one for each of NGED’s licence areas, to understand the future energy landscape on a local level to feed into our scenario analysis and NGED’s network planning. Engaging with stakeholders is a crucial component of strategic network planning in NGED, with the feedback from stakeholders shaping our DFES scenarios, including the NGED Best View. The scenarios produced feed into longer-term strategic planning, flexibility assessment and procurement, and the Network Development Plan where constraints are identified and technically feasible options proposed.

How we use your knowledge and expertise
Your feedback will directly influence the main models and assumptions that are used during this analysis, which is being undertaken over the course of 2023. During these webinars, attendees will have the opportunity to respond to questions we have for you about a number of the key technologies we are modelling, as well as an opportunity to ask questions back to us, and to understand NGED’s use of the DFES analysis and wider network planning processes.

Engagement is absolutely crucial
Using the results from our forecasts and analysis, NGED works alongside stakeholders to deliver infrastructure when and where it is needed in an economical, efficient and coordinated way. By doing this, we are ensuring that our network facilitates the net zero ambitions of our stakeholders. By providing NGED with feedback regarding development in your local area, we will in turn be able to provide local authorities and developers with more accurate development insights as available on the NGED DFES map, which can be used to feed into Local Area Energy Planning.

How to attend
To confirm your attendance at one or more of the webinars, please register here. Or, if you are unable to attend, please forward this invitation to a colleague or get in touch with Regen. If you have counterparts in other organisations who would benefit from attending any of the events, please do forward this invitation to them.

We very much look forward to seeing you.


28th June 2023
29th June 2023





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