Regen has supported the Great South West to develop its Clean Energy Powerhouse Prospectus showcasing the energy generation opportunities across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Project duration: April – June 2023

Project lead: Grace Millman

Context: Powering Up Britain 

Earlier this year, the UK government published its Powering Up Britain paper, setting out how the government will enhance the country’s energy security, seize the economic opportunities of the transition and deliver on its net zero commitments. Energy generation at scale is crucial in Powering Up Britain, reaching net zero and consolidating the UK’s position as a global leader in green energy. 


The prospectus: How the Great South West is powering up a greener Britain 

The Great South West is the ‘powerhouse’ brand to promote the LEP areas of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Heart of the South West and Dorset. It aims to deliver £45bn of economic benefit and become the leading region for the green and blue economy.

GSW Project Page Image1The Great South West has recognised and identified energy as a top priority, focusing on building a future that is smart, connected and green to become the cleanest economy in England and the first to be net carbon zero. The Clean Energy Powerhouse Prospectus has been compiled by Regen and published by the Great South West, showcasing the regions energy generation opportunities. The prospectus also sets out how the Great South West intends to work with government to unlock these opportunities and play a leading role in Powering Up Britain.

Building on the legacy of Hinkley Point C, which will be the UK’s largest low-carbon power station, the Great South West has proven itself to be the place to design, demonstrate and deploy innovative renewable technologies. They are now focusing on the technologies of the future:

  1. Floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea
  2. Nuclear power including Hinkley Point C
  3. Geothermal heat and power solutions
  4. Hydrogen and green fuel production
  5. Diverse low carbon solutions including wave and tidal, onshore wind and solar, utility-scale heat and interconnectors.

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Karl Tucket, Chair of the Great South West said:

“We are stronger than the sum of our parts, and by working together, the Great South West has unprecedented potential to contribute to the region’s economic performance and net zero targets to ensure greater prosperity for all.”

Unlocking the opportunity: key asks from the Great South West

The Great South West has the energy generation opportunities, highly-skilled workforce and deep-rooted expertise to play a leading role in Powering Up Britain. To unlock these opportunities, the Great South West is asking for government action in three key areas:

  1. Reformed planning and licensing

Clearer policy landscape, with a greater focus on net zero, to help remove barriers for energy projects and infrastructure.

  1. Unlocking investment

Public and private investment to support early-stage innovation through to large-scale generation.

  1. Electricity grids for net zero

Investment in our electricity grid to make it ready for net zero, and reform to reduce connection timescales.


You can read the full prospectus here


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For further information on the project, please contact Grace Millman.

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