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Regen’s mission is to transform the world’s energy systems for a zero carbon future. The most important impact that Regen can have is in delivering our mission, addressing barriers to achieving net zero carbon energy and shaping public policy.

Regen also recognises that we must achieve net zero in our own operations, and we are, therefore, joining the UNFCCC ‘Race To Zero’ campaign and signing up to the most ambitious commitment date of 2030.

REgen Net Zero

Climate Hub LogoSigning up to the UNFCCC campaign via the ‘SME Climate Hub’ commits us to:

    • Achieve net zero emissions before 2030
    • Disclose our progress on a yearly basis in the form of a ‘net zero report’, which we will make publicly available.

Scope and procurement of products and services

As a service-based organisation that does not produce or consume significant amounts of physical material or product, Regen’s most significant environmental impact is greenhouse gas emissions generated by upstream and downstream goods and services. We will, therefore, adopt a broad scope of the emissions that come within our control.

To meet our commitment will require internal changes to practices and policies, but also to work with suppliers that make their own similar commitment. When we procure any products or services, we will share this policy and our most recent net zero report. We will ask whether the supplier has signed up to the SME Climate Hub or a similar commitment, and make clear that we will aim to give preference to those that have.


Regen believes our action needs to be focussed on reducing emissions within our control. We will consider whether there is also a role for offsetting emissions.

Engaging our membership

Regen will engage with our members to encourage them to sign up to the SME Climate Hub, or make similar commitments. Members can watch the recording of our latest members-only roundtable event on joining the Race To Zero here.

Using our voice widely

There is no easy or obvious route to net zero for an organisation like Regen. We, like many other small service-based organisations, are grappling with issues such as reducing emissions from buildings we rent and have limited influence in the running of. Our approach will be to use our networks to publish regular, honest updates describing our efforts and the challenges we have faced.

Race To Zero blog series

Scope Emissions

The Start of a Journey 

The first blog in our Race To Zero series looks at the initial steps we’ve taken to fulfill our net zero commitment – read it here.



Pexels Brett Sayles 918986

Electricity Use and Green Tariffs 

The second blog in our Race To Zero series looks at the options for tackling emissions from office energy use, including green tariffs – read it here.



3What does tracking our emissions tell us?

This blog provides an update on our efforts to voluntarily measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions – read it here.



4 Pillars SME Framework

Creating action plans

Having measured and reported our emissions, this blog pulls together our work under the Race To Zero so far into a action plan with tangible steps to reduce emissions – read it here.





Achieving our net zero commitment

Regen has established an internal Sustainability Task Force that is responsible for coordinating:

  • The annual monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions to the board of directors.
  • Development and updating of internal policies and activities that support our net zero commitment.
  • Support for the Regen team in understanding impacts and how we can work to meet our commitment.

We’ve published our greenhouse gas assessments for 2019, 2020 and 2021 here.

George Middlemiss and Robbie Evans are leading the Sustainability Task Force at Regen, please see our blog page for discussions of this work. If you would like to discuss our work in this area further, please contact Robbie.

About Race To Zero

Regen has made a commitment to net zero under the UNFCCC ‘Race To Zero’ campaign. Race To Zero is a global campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery that prevents future threats, creates decent jobs, and unlocks inclusive, sustainable growth. Individual actors (such as regions, cities, businesses and investors) are invited to join an initiative or network, which is an official Race To Zero partner. By joining one of the partners they will be directly included in Race To Zero.

Find out more about Race To Zero here, and SME Climate HUB here.

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