The team at Regen have excellent GIS capability, economic and financial modelling knowledge and analytical skills that, together with our industry knowledge and market insight, enables us to undertake work in areas such as resource assessments, marine project feasibility and financial modelling.

Examples of our work include:

  • Financial modelling commissioned to better understand the financial and commercial viability of deploying wave energy technology at both technology demonstration and first array scale. The objective of the study was to analyse, from the perspective of a project developer, the key financial drivers and sensitivities which will ultimately determine the viability of wave energy projects and the location/scale of the projects that could be developed.
  • A project pre-feasibility study for a technology developer, with the aim of finding a site   within the study area that could form the basis of a viable project and would then be taken forward to the next stage.  The next stage was planned to include more detailed costing and a full site survey assessing the resource and physical constraints of a tidal energy site in the south west.
  • Assessment of the boundary of a tidal energy site, carried out using GIS to assess the resource and other physical constraints, including water depth and bathymetry. This assessment was then considered alongside other constraints such as marine leisure and environmental designation.  Finally, financial modelling was carried out to evaluate the attractiveness of the site to potential commercial developers.

Led by: Johnny Gowdy


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