Project duration: March – May 2018

Regen, partnering with energy software company Piclo (formerly Open Utility), published a series of blogs about the development of local flexibility markets.

Piclo (fna Open Utility)

These blogs can be accessed below:

Part 1 – Local flexibility trials

Part 2 – The benefits of local flexibility for DNOs

Part 3 – The role of a local flexibility market

Part 4 – How a local flexibility trading platform might work

Part 5 – What does local flexibility mean for you?

[RESIZED] Open Utility Graphic 3 Role Of A Local Flexibility Market 02

Project lead: Ray Arrell, Senior Project Manager

People on this project

Ray Arrell
Head of technical development
Ray leads Regen's technical development strategy, coordinating the development of the company's technical capabilities…
Merlin Hyman
Chief executive
Merlin leads Regen’s mission to transform how we generate, supply and use energy. Merlin…

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