Project duration: May 2018 – August 2018

Regen, partnering with Carbon Coop and Community Energy Scotland, worked on one of the shortlisted BEIS Flexibility Markets Feasibility Study Competition funded research projects. This project assessed the feasibility of a service which aggregates flexible loads at the household/community level, to participate in local and national flexibility markets.

Carbon Coop

Community Energy Scotland

Regen’s work within this project was to assess the current DSO led flexibility market trials and expressions of interest, as well as the technical, regulatory and policy barriers to enabling smaller participants to enter these markets.

The main aims of the wider project were:

• To develop a model to estimate the value of different kinds of potential domestic flexibility
to DSOs and the SO in different parts of the UK;

• To specify a Technical Aggregator Platform (TAP) for the system and assess the development,
material, operational and other costs for this system to function for a range of potential
flexibility assets;

• To examine the regulatory requirements and legal barriers for the provision of community
aggregator services;

• Outline a local demonstrator project that would take the results of the feasibility study
from drawing board to market.

Download and read our guide to local flexibility markets here:

Front Cover Of Local Flex Guide

Project lead: Ray Arrell, Senior Project Manager

People on this project

Ray Arrell
Associate Director
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Chief Executive
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