In 2022, Regen was commissioned by the Welsh Government to produce comprehensive evidence of Welsh energy trends to support the development of energy targets.

Regen has now delivered its evidence to the Welsh Government and the resulting consultation is now underway.

Context: energy targets

The development of challenging interim energy targets is a critical step on the road to net-zero emissions. Tracking and communicating progress against energy targets can help to shape effective policy and market responses towards our net zero commitment. Energy targets can:

  • provide clear and measurable goals that create a sense of urgency,
  • help focus efforts and resources,
  • signal to investors and business.

The project

As an organisation with a mission to support net zero, Regen recognises the importance of challenging energy targets. We therefore enjoyed our work with the Welsh Government to build an evidence base for the development of Welsh energy targets.

Our analysis of Wales’s in-development renewable energy projects and technical energy resources identified that Wales is well equipped to take a leading role in achieving a decarbonised energy system.

The Route To 2035

Figure 1: Example route to an illustrative 2035 target of generating the equivalent of 100% of Wales’ electricity demand from renewable electricity sources.

The Welsh Government is now consulting on its plans for future targets. Based on Regen’s evidence, the Welsh Government’s proposed targets include:

  • a target to meet the equivalent of 100% of Welsh annual electricity consumption from renewable electricity by 2035, and continue to keep pace with consumption thereafter.
  • a target for at least 1.5 GW of renewable energy capacity to be locally owned by 2035, excluding heat pumps.
  • a target of 5.5 GW heat pumps capacity by 2035, contingent on scaled up support from the UK Government and reductions in the cost of technology.

The proposed Welsh energy targets will require significant investment and collaboration between government, industry, and other stakeholders. Delivery of the targets has the potential to transform the Welsh energy sector, driving the development of technologies and infrastructure, and create opportunities for job creation and economic growth.

The Welsh Government’s consultation on their proposed energy targets is now underway, which, along with Regen’s evidence base, can be read here.

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The project team

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