Regen Art Lab’s first artist in residence, Karenza Sparks has designed eleven Heat Creature characters, presented in a set of cards and figurines.

The Heat Creatures teach us about the world of home heating and how it impacts the climate emergency – each Heat Creature is a personification of a heating technology from the green, the not so green to the big polluters.

Heat Creatures Group Photo

Interested in learning more about the heat creatures? Click on each card for our recommendations for further reading.

Print your own Heat Creatures card pack here.

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About the artist

Karenza Sparks is a multidisciplinary designer, maker, and animator from Cornwall. She has a particular interest in gamification, story telling, interactive experiences, and participatory artworks. Sparks graduated from Kingston school in 2020 and much of her work has been highly collaborative.

About the residency

The Regen Art Lab is a new artist residency programme bridging the gap between experts and artists, to delve more deeply into energy transition issues. Through collaboration, the residency aims to showcase the pivotal stories needed to realise the transition, which are well informed, relevant and meaningful.

The theme for this residency was decarbonising heat. Decarbonising home heating is shaping up to be one of the greatest challenges of the climate emergency in the UK, because of lack of public awareness and political will power. You can read more about the challenge of decarbonising the UK’s heat in our ‘decarbonising of heat’ paper, and through the resources that Karenza compiled during her residency.

Find out more about the Regen Art Lab here. You can also read more about how this residency in the opening blog on Spark’s first impressions, and the closing blog by Regen’s energy experts and Sparks on their experience of collaborating.



People on this project

Emma Pavans de Ceccatty
Emma is the freelance producer for the Regen Art Lab. She has an Environment,…
Sophie Whinney
Energy analyst
As an analyst at Regen, Sophie works with data, mapping and visualisation tools to…

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